Misery Loves Company

Thursday, 6/11/09

I write this to express my regrets about not flying today. I feel like we seriously may have angered the soaring gods by not taking advantage of the day. I hope that someone at Stanton, Faribault, or Menominee flew. On Tuesday, I looked at the soaring forecats (xcskies, and blipmaps) and the prospects looked very nice indeed for Thursday, so I sent out a note to RWSA club members and Jim Hard and Kathleen Winters asking them if they were up for flying on Thursday. Usually we need at least one other person to launch (aside from myself) to make it worthwhile for a tow pilot to come out. Al Grayson emailed me and said he could tow if we had a few people. Lee Bradshaw emailed me and said he had other commitments and said he couldn't tow. However, no glider pilots aside from myself were able to fly. :(. In retrospect, I should have kept up my persistence and asked Tim Roska if he had time. I should have stuck to my guns about what I was seeing in the forecasts. Instead, I spent the day in the Cities (doing some shopping) looking longingly at the sky, wishing I was up there amongst the dazzling looking cumulus. Later, I looked at the NOAA forecast for the day and it indicated lift up to 8,000'MSL, and often NOAA is conservative. It wouldn't surprise me if today was one of the best soaring days of the season. I'm sorry. I feel so bad. A missed opportunity.

Here are some images of the dazzling day. Some are taken in the Twin Cities and some are taken on the drive back up to Duluth. These are a pitiful replacement for in-air images taken during a spectacular cross country flight.

We seriously need to look into getting more retired club members. That is, we need more club members who can fly mid-week!!

I had thoughts about a motor glider on the drive home. I have been thinking about buying another glider because of weight issues (I'm too near max gross weight), but a motor glider would solve the issue that happened today.

Note the severe lack of a link to the OLC. No flight trace :(.